Meklords - Pre Sept 1 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011 Mkohl40

Meklords have been a fun deck because of all of the destruction in this format. Now that the format is coming to an end there is some things that are going to need to be changed

1) The 42 card count is going to have to be changed. Yes in the new format 42 cards is just to slow so well have to start by making it small for speed reasons.

2) Machina and meklords will still work together. Much like my machina engine this particular deck acts as a stun deck in its means.

3) Drop 1 drop them all. This theory means once you get the meklord army going everything will follow. Once this happens you will understand everything.

4) The next format!? What Will Happen!? This is still unsure but dark hole will still be everywhere same with heavy storm to make a clean push. Thats where the meklords come in to defend you.

This deck is still in the testing stages and was doing quite well during the pre XYZ format. I hope that if anyone can take this deck to the next stage that they would do so and tell me what you guys think!

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